Kaitlynn & Justin Wedding

Jannu Family Birthday Party Photobooth


Welcome to my blog! I haven’t updated in a while, but I’m going to finally start posting again! I’m booking a lot of amazing weddings here in the Tampa Bay Florida area, and across the country, so keep an eye out for a ton of new posts coming soon!

Kristin & Justin: Engaged!

I don’t always get a chance to do this. We went to the exact spot that Justin proposed to Kristin for our photos. It was in a little park called Tanner Springs Park. Its a pretty small little park right smack in the middle of the city. But it provided the perfect backdrop for some awesome photos!

Christine & Steve: Married!

This wedding was one of my all time favorites. Not only was the weather perfect, the locations beautiful, and the couple amazing to work with, but we had lots of time to just relax, take some photos, and drive all around Portland and take as many photos as we wanted. It really was an amazing day!

Caitlin & Cory: Engaged

We were going to go to a couple different places before we ended up at this park at the top of a very tall hill. Great view of Portland and the three mountains from up there! It was so much fun to not only shoot Caitlin and Cory, but their “baby” as well!

Anne & Michael: Engaged!

Ahhh! Anne & Michael. They kept telling me that they were not photogenic, and that they don’t photograph well. I beg to differ! Just have a look below. They both look stunning! Their wedding is right around the corner. Can’t wait!

Hannah & David: Engaged!

We started by the Portland Opera, and ended just behind OMSI, and got some amazing photos! The Portland cityscape and sunset provided an amazing background! And, of course, Hannah and David’s awesome sense of humor and love made the perfect foreground.

Ilana & Scott: Engaged

A big thank you to these two for bringing me to a great new location for photos- Peninsula Park. We had fun on the play ground before heading over to the rose garden. Their photos came out great! Check it out!

Sherry & Shaun: Engaged

Sherry & Shaun. If ever there was a match made in heaven, here it is. We all had a lot of fun on our shoot, as I’m sure you can tell from just looking at the photos! Their wedding is right around the corner, can’t wait!