Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Why should we book with you? 

A. I love what I do. If you want a wedding photographer who will bring some positive energy to your special day, and a huge smile to compliment your own, I think we might be a good fit!  Please take your time, check out my galleries, and if you like what you see, shoot me a quick email and I'll get back to you ASAP! Want to learn more about my process, and what to expect? Click HERE to learn more about how I do what I do! 

Q. What cities do you serve? Do you travel?

A. I provide wedding photography to the greater Portland and Seattle areas primarily, but yes, I love to travel. I offer a very special travel package to my out of town couples. Let me know where you're at! Why fly me out rather than hire someone local? Come on. I'm from Portland. You can't do better than a Portland wedding photographer. 

Q. We are an LGBTQ+ couple, will you shoot our wedding?

A. Of course! Love is love. And I love all your smiles. No matter who you are, I will be excited to be your wedding photographer. 

Q. Do you do video? 

A. I do! In fact, I even offer video along side my photography services included in my Ultimate Photo-Video package.  I'm also available for smaller projects, so be sure to contact me and let me know your needs. 

Q. Do you have backup equipment? What happens if you are sick?

A. I have backups to my backups... and then some backups to them too. I've never missed a wedding in my 6+ years in the business. A few sniffles won't stop me. In case of a REAL emergency, I am connected to a network of other awesome local professional photographers who I trust to step in and make sure you get the amazing photos you deserve, no matter what. 

Q. What do you shoot with? Canon or Nikon? 

A. I shoot Nikon... and Sony. They are just simply the best. Want more details on what gear I use? Check out my gear page HERE

Q. Where did you learn to be such an amazing photographer? 

A. I started my journey out at the University of South Florida, but they were just too slow paced for me... so I taught myself. I've had a few mentors along the way, but I basically just picked up a camera and went out and took photos. Here I am 6 years later. 

Q. Do you have insurance? 

A. Yes of course! I carry full liability insurance. 

Q. Do you only do wedding photography? 

A. I do it all! I do senior photos. Family photos. Newborn photos. Maternity photos. You name it, I can do it! Contact me today to get on my schedule! 

Q. Do you offer any incentives to refer friends to you?

A. Oh boy do I! I am always super grateful for my awesome clients who spread the good word about what I do. Bring me 3 new wedding clients before your wedding date, and I will waive your final payment!! Bring me 3 portrait sessions, and get yours totally free! 

Q. How many weddings have you photographed? 

A. I've been a wedding photographer since 2009. Too many. I've lost count... oops. 


Q. I'm a new photographer, will you teach me photography? 

A. If you want to learn, I'll happily put you to work. Contact me and let me know what's up! 

Q. Do you edit your photos? 

A. Yes! Every photo you get will be shown some TLC before you see it. I want to make sure you and your photos look your best!