Gear Talk

So many toys! 

Oh yes. Playing with the gear is half the fun of being a photographer. Cameras, lenses, flashes, triggers, bags, umbrellas, filters, printers... so much stuff! 

So what do I use? Well, lets talk gear... 


I use 4 camera bodies for my wedding photography. 

I use two different Nikon D750 bodies, a Nikon D800E, and a Sony A7Rii. These are some of the best cameras a photographer can get. The two D750s are awesome as a smaller, lighter, but still fully featured DSLR. The shutter isn't too loud, they give wonderful low light performance, and amazing auto focus performance. They can basically shoot in the dark. My D800E has a high resolution sensor that pretty much lives on my Nikon 200mm F2.0 VR ii. Its a match made in heaven. More on that lens later... And finally, my brand new A7Rii is my favorite little camera. Super high resolution, super compact, really all I could want in a camera! The only thing i would change would be to throw a faster processor and card slot in there, the 2 second delay before I can view the photos can be a tad annoying, but workable. 


I'm mostly a prime lens shooter. 35 / 55 / 85 are staples. The Tokina 16-28 F2.8 lives on one of my D750s. It is so sharp, and super wide. Gives amazing images. But of course my favorite lens is my Nikon 200 F2.0 VR ii. The photos coming out of that thing are just pure magic. The subject isolation and bokeh are out of this world. Its a huge, heavy, pain in the butt to use lens, but I love every minute of it. 


I love to throw speedlights all over the place. Natural light is great, but making your own, intentional light is even better. When the sun is out, I pull out my Alien Bee 1600. Its a fairly light strobe, but it puts out enough power to balance or even overpower the sun at noon, when needed.