How I do what I do


I've been told my photos are elegant, modern, fresh. Really my goal is to make fun images. I want to capture your essence, that spark between you and your love. I think people are most beautiful when they are genuinely happy. So that is what I look for. I want to take your happiness, and use my knowledge of lighting and posing to create a timeless, compelling image you will love. I want you to enjoy being in front of my camera.

I love backlighting.  I love a shallow depth of field to bring focus to my subject. I want my portraits to have that POP that draws you in. Clean lines that lead you to the subject, and then dramatic, beautiful light to make you say WOW as my subject jumps out of the photo right at you. 

Working with me...

Like I said before, I want you to enjoy being in front of my camera. Photography is a team effort. It's my job to bring out the best in you, while your job is to have fun, and be yourself! I know it can be intimidating to be in front of a camera... any camera. Let alone the huge cameras and lenses I sometimes use. But I want you to always feel comfortable. Have fun. Let down your guard, and let your personality shine! 

On your wedding day, I'll be there to help things go smoothly. Don't worry, I'm not going to boss you around all day. It's your day, do your thing! Of course, I'll make sure we get those perfect photos with some gentle guidance. 

During the ceremony, I always do my best to stay out of your way and not distract. When needed, I can even be totally silent (I have some pretty fancy cameras that can go totally quiet... it's really cool!). 

I'm always happy to take any requests you may have. Have a great idea for a photo? Lets make it happen! Did you find something you like on pintrest? I'm always happy to take inspiration from other photos, however, I always want to make it our own. Show me their photos, and lets do it better.