photo booth

Get A Photo Booth


Ready to add some serious (or silly) fun to your reception? Get a photo booth! Keep those kids entertained. Make some memories together with your guests. Heck, I'll even jump in there with your for a few shots! 

My photo booth is an open air style booth. It's basically a mini photo studio. We take album quality photos, none of that lame, blurry, pixelated stuff you get from other photo booths. And with all your booth photos in it's own online gallery within 24 hours in most cases, you don't have to wait for those photos.

By default, I use a black patterned background for the photo booth, but can switch it out by request. Match your wedding colors... or don't! Solid colors, nature scenes, whatever your heart desires, we are happy to make it happen. 

Many of my wedding photography packages already include a photo booth, so contact me today and let's find the perfect package for your wedding today!